Terms and conditions

NOOM ltd. mediates in the renting / letting of holiday homes, in which a homeowner comes to a rental agreement with a tenant with the conditions set out thereunder;

Article 1 - Conclusion and content agreement

The agreement is concluded by written acceptance by the tenant of the relevant offer of NOOM ltd. as demonstrated at the time of booking. After the conclusion of the agreement, the tenant receives a reservation confirmation online presented as an invoice.The tenant who makes the reservation, the principal booker, takes care of all obligations on behalf of all guests of that particular reservation.

Article 2 - Payment

At the conclusion of the agreement a deposit of 50% of the total agreed rental sum must be paid. When this payment is received by us, the reservation is confirmed. The remaining payment must be received by NOOM ltd. no later than 42 days before the day of arrival. In case of a late payment the tenant will be in default. NOOM ltd. will inform the tenant by e-mail and the payment deadline will be postponed with a maximum of 5 work days. If payment will not occur in due time, the agreement will be regarded as canceled on the day of default. NOOM ltd. has the right to charge the cancellation fee of € 75,00. In case the rental agreement is concluded within 6 weeks before the day of arrival, the full rental sum must be paid immediately.

Article 3 - Rent

The published rent is per accommodation, unless stated otherwise. The published rent is based upon the rates, exchange rates, levies and taxes, such as those at NOOM ltd. were known at the time of printing the publication.

Article 4 - Travel documents

NOOM ltd will send the required travel documents (invoice) by e-mail to the tenant.

Article 5 - Cancellation by the tenant

In case of cancellation of the agreement, tenant owes the following cancellation costs in addition to the reservation and administrative costs (€ 75,00) due: A: If canceled up to the 42 days before the date of arrival: the deposit is 50% of the sum agreed upon.In case of cancellation from the 42nd day before arrival the full sum agreed upon.

Article 6 – Security deposit

The tenant wire transfers to NOOM ltd. a security deposit for the rented accommodation. NOOM ltd. will refund this deposit within 7 days at the end of the rental period after deduction of what the tenant owes the owner, such as costs for gas / electricity consumption, damage, etc.

Article 7 - Obligations of the lessor

Lessor is obliged to dispose the rented property to the tenant in good condition on the agreed date and time.

Article 8 - Tenant's obligation

The tenant is obliged to use the rented property properly and to leave the rented property in good condition, neat and tidy. Major cleaning costs are not included in the rent.

Article 9 - Damage

The tenant is liable for the damage to the rented property, including the damage to or loss of (a part of) the inventory, caused during the rental period and by the renter's fault.NOOM Ltd. advises the tenant to take out travel and cancellation insurance with world coverage including the possible damage to the holiday by own fault.

Article 10 - Recovery costs

The costs of normal maintenance and repair of defects are for the account of the lessor. If there are any defects, the tenant must notify the NOOM directly, for example. and follow his instructions as much as possible.

Article 11 - Terminations by NOOM

NOOM e.g. has the right to terminate the agreement due to weighty circumstances.Important circumstances are understood to be circumstances which are of such a nature that further non-conformance NOOM e.g. the agreement can not reasonably be required.If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to the tenant, the resulting damage will be borne by the tenant.

Article 12 - Modification by NOOM

NOOM e.g. reserves the right to change the agreed service due to major (force majeure) circumstances. He communicates this to the tenant within 72 hours (3 working days), after NOOM has, for example, of the changes.In the case of NOOM e.g. the tenant an alternative offer. He does this within 72 hours (3 working days)The alternative offer must be at least equivalent. The equivalence of the alternative accommodation must be assessed according to objective criteria and must be determined according to the following circumstances which must be apparent from the replacement offer; the location of the accommodation at the destination; the nature and class of facilities that the accommodation offers.The tenant who makes use of his right to reject the change or the alternative offer pursuant to the previous paragraphs must notify this within 72 hours (3 working days) after receipt of the notice about the change or the alternative offer. In that case, NOOM has e.g. the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect. He must - under penalty of forfeiture - make use of this right within 72 hours (3 working days) after receipt of the notification of the rejection by the tenant. The tenant in that case is entitled to remission or refund of the rent (or, if part of the trip has been received on return of a proportional part thereof) within 2 weeks. If the cause of the change to NOOM e.g. can be attributed, the resulting damage to the traveler will be borne by NOOM for example. Whether this is the case is determined on the basis of article 13. If the cause of the change can be attributed to the tenant, the resulting damage will be for the account of the tenant.If the cause of the change does not affect the tenant or NOOM, for example. can be imputed, both parties will bear their own damages.If the cause of change lies with an aircraft company then NOOM is e.g. never liable for this.

Article 13 - Liability and force majeure

NOOM e.g. functions as a professional intermediary for the rental of private holiday homes to tourists. NOOM e.g. is responsible for the correct execution of your booking. The owners of these holiday homes are liable for their home and the rental thereof. NOOM e.g. has personally visited all houses and knows that these houses meet the description at the time of placement. The tenant has the right to rent the house as described on the booking channel, this falls under the responsibility of NOOM. NOOM e.g. manages the property ensures a clean and complete home. NOOM e.g. acts on behalf of the owner and has the task to offer the house as described. In case of disputes about the home or parts of the home, NOOM will, for example, mediate between the tenant and the homeowner to achieve a good and acceptable end result for the tenant and owner. Homes that do not (no longer) meet the admission requirements of NOOM, e.g. will be immediately removed from our offer. If an owner does not meet or can meet rental as described then NOOM will take care of, for example, ensure that a comparable alternative is offered.In case of shortcoming due to force majeure, NOOM will, for example, do everything in their power to provide a solution within the limits of the nature of the force majeure. This also in direct consultation with the homeowner. Force majeure means abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that are independent of the will of the person who invokes it and whose consequences, despite all precautions, could not be avoided. Examples of force majeure are; natural disaster, strikes, storm or water damage, burglary or robbery, building activities in the vicinity, war (threats), property that is no longer rentable (for example fire), etc.

Staying in one of the holiday homes offered via NOOM is always entirely at your own risk. NOOM b.v. neither the owner of the holiday is in any way responsible for loss, damage and / or theft to / of your personal belongings, or damage and injury incurred during your stay.

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